Following are the sectionals available for your selection when you register. 

You may access full description of all presentations to assist in making sectional selections.  A checklist of all sectionals by time slot may be helpful in noting your selections before going online. You may also wish to look up presenters of all sectionals listed in alphabetical order or to review the target audiences for al sectionals groups in time slots. 

Listed below are titles for all sectionals offered.  Sectionals highlighted in red are led by Featured Speakers.

Sectional A (Featured Speakers), Thursday, 3:00-4:00

210 2-Kingdom Citizenship – Educational Freedom (Gregory Seltz)
385 Bible Telling Together (Michael Zeigler)
383 Get FIT: Fostering Intercultural Togetherness (John and Monique Nunes)
260 Innovation, Research, and Development in Lutheran Education (Bernard Bull)
187 Jennie Williamson | AriSon Records Performs LIVE and Releases GOD IS GREAT! 7
202 Truth, Identity, Purpose in Post-Christian America (Brad Alles)

Sectionals B, Friday, 8:00-9:00

199 ABC's of Defending Your Faith
345 Academic Success through Academic Vocabulary Acquisition
247 Active Musicians
372 Bridging the Gap from Jesus Time to Worship
128 Bridging the Gap from Worksheets to Wonder
184 Capturing the Advent Spirit!
313 Champions in Hand
299 Curriculum Conversations: A Cycle for Success
137 Daily 5 (ELA) & Math Daily 3
191 Documentation and Hard Conversations
306 Early Childhood Religion Curriculum: Learning Together
181 Effective Introvert Teachers - Really?
121 Get Them Talking - Keep Them Talking
198 Growing a School Year Theme
171 Growing Together
258 How and Why to Start an Education Podcast
178 Impactful High School Pedagogy
227 Jesus Posted What?!
214 Keeping Math Accessible
289 Matthew 18 is NOT a Discipline Plan-THIS Is!
127 Menu For Building Family Partnerships
284 Middle Schoolers Excited to Write?
371 More Resources - More Reach
335 MTSS: Development and Tracking
267 New Teacher 101
288 Optimal Mental Health Lessons
176 Reclaiming the Lost Ethos of the Classroom
105 Relationships of Substance
232 Sex Ed? How About Spiritual Formation?
295 So...You Have THAT Kid...
185 Special Needs? In My Classroom?
291 Strategic Decisions in Guide Reading Instruction
334 Supporting and Investing in your Teachers
230 The Happiest School on Earth
376 Truth Statements as Curriculum
194 Writing from the Inside Out

Sectionals C, Friday, 11:00-12:00

156 7 Practices for Healthy Youth Ministry
387 Addressing Differing Worldviews in the Lutheran Classroom
158 Behavior as Communication/ Differentiated Instruction
302 Biblical Learning: Tools for Administrators
233 Bringing Award Winning Books into the Classrooms
142 Building Effective Leadership Teams
248 Collaborating Together for Chapel
125 Connecting the Head and the Heart in Music
257 Crisis and the Churchworker
149 Discipling the Disciples for Discipleship
244 Early Childhood as a Mission Field
160 Enhancing Student Engagement Through the Integration of Art and Technology
195 Everything 1:1 Apple
296 Geometry: A Cornerstone Not A Unit
151 Globally Networked Curriculum Projects – a 21st Century Approach to Learning and Engagement
344 Gospel Adventures-Not just for Lutheran Schools Week
307 Grades 1–4 Religion Curriculum: Enduring Faith
183 Here's the Inside Scoop!
114 Leading the Lukewarm & Supervising the Subpar
122 Lights, Camera, Edit!
374 Lutheran Lingo
193 Navigating Change in Education
290 Orbits of Administration: Instructional Coaching and Supervision
365 Pull! Build Character Through Shooting Sports
272 Scripting the Scriptures Together
190 Self-Control: Maintaining Peace in Critical Conversations
242 Strategic Planning for School Leaders
246 T.O.P.I.C. Talks
337 Teacher Resiliency
292 Teaching Love of God and Country
231 Teaching Sanctity of Life Without Talking About Abortion
108 The "How-tos" of Administration
129 The ABC's of Classroom Adaptations
370 The Center for Urban Education Ministries and Your Ministry
327 Tinkering with STEM in Early Childhood
331 Using Words to Bring Us Together

Sectionals D, Friday, 1:00-2:00

103 Admissions & Marketing in Today's Christian Schools
271 Are We Talking About the Same School?
223 Being Present in Your Leadership
167 Building Bolder Teachers
354 Christian Habits Day by Day
264 Cognitive Science in the Mathematics Classroom.
209 Colloquy: Getting on the LCMS Roster
266 Culturally Relevant Read-Alouds Across the Curriculum 5 - 8
228 Deepening Your Walk with Jesus
111 Desmos for Beginners
328 Employee Benefits 101
285 Faithful Living and Learning in Early Childhood
144 Fatherlessness: Society’s Unspoken Epidemic
312 Focus on Your Financial Future
139 Get Out!
308 Grades 5–8 Enduring Faith Religion Curriculum
205 I'm Ready to Retire - Or Am I?
379 Knowing God Knowing Me
298 Lessons Learned from the Pandemic: Focusing Religious Online Instruction
309 One and All Rejoice: Singing Together
131 Play: It's Place in K-2 Best Practices
143 Project Based Learning
355 Research + Leadership = Excellence
275 Revitalizing Grammar Instruction
293 Sharing Your Faith in the Classroom and Beyond
208 Student Identity, Imagination, and Daily Desires
229 Teaching Executive Functioning Skills
150 Teaching Science Using Storylines
126 The 3rd Dimension and Beyond!
366 Today’s 5 Best Classroom Management Strategies
343 Trauma Informed Care
245 Using Google in Schools
381 What is Classical Education? A Comparison to Sports
392 Winning Culture
270 Writing Poetry Together

Sectionals E, Friday, 2:30-3:30

249 "Sibling" Early Childhood & Elementary Ministries
196 A Mission Glass Half Full
353 Advocating for Diverse Learners
206 Benefit & Finance Tips for Rostered Workers
332 Bringing the Bible to Life
250 Caring for the Heart
342 Celebrate! Using data to celebrate growth
259 Collaborative Work in LCMS Schools
157 Discourse, Questioning, and Productive Struggle
218 Educational Power Tools
165 Essential Skills for Effective Mentoring
154 Faith Integration Among Students: A New Perspective
283 Faith-filled Classroom
329 Financial Wellness for All Ages
319 Free Space! : Using NASA Resources in your Classroom
317 He calls us "Fishers of Men"
104 Helping Students with Trauma
303 How to Build Your Retirement Paycheck
364 Is Evolution Compatible With Christianity?
320 Jump Start Your Admissions!
315 Leaving a Legacy of Literature Lovers
177 Live and Learn
175 Loose Parts: Discovery and Learning
102 Love Love Your Job: 5 Keys to a Relationship that Works
314 Marketing Your School Through Social Media
135 Outdoor Classrooms in Early Childhood
305 PEER MINISTRY: Friends Caring for Friends
322 Preparing Learners for Life in 2035
276 Setting the Stage for a Theatre Program
200 Team Ministry: The Pastor-Principal Partnership
279 Telling the Most Important Stories
367 The Educational GOAT
132 The Many Hats of Leadership
145 The Middle School Mind
204 Wise Scribes, Trained for the Kingdom

Sectionals F, Friday, 4:00-5:00

215 An Outline for Integrating Technology
188 Catechesis for Children Ages 0-7
265 Culturally Relevant Read-Alouds Across the Curriculum PK-4
351 Difficult History: Modeling Discourse in the Classroom
368 Diversity, Success, and You
326 Effective Instructional Technology Integration
155 Emotional Intelligence: Why it Matters.
124 Family Connections
217 Fine Arts Gathering
254 Folk Dancing to Build Your School Community
363 Getting Serious About Diversity
310 Google Thinking vs Student Thinking
201 Healthcare in Retirement
116 Hire Well!
340 Leading Academic Excellence and Innovation
273 Let God Be True
168 Old Teachers Never Die
243 One Ministry, One Mission
220 Purposeful Practices: Preparing Youth 4 Life
341 Reading and Writing Workshop
280 Reviewing with a Twist and Shout!
318 Serving Abroad: Faith & Family-- an International Perspective
207 Shining a Light on Mental Health
221 Social Justice in a Christian Ethos
325 Special Education Inclusion in Christian Schools
211 Spiritual First Responders
123 Teaching in the Wild Kingdom
357 The Autistic Adolescent: Learner Differences, Equity, and Encouragement for ASD Infusion
186 The Joy in Jesus in ECE
294 The New Lutheran Religion Standards
316 The Sketchnote Process
253 They’re all in MY classroom?
382 Truth, Goodness, and Beauty in Classroom Liturgies
361 UDL for Student Learning Needs
321 What Sticks? Lasting Changes in Education After the Pandemic.

Sectionals G (Featured Speakers), Saturday, 8:30-9:30

390 Christ's Spiritual First Responders for 21st Century Mission (Gregory Seltz)
391 Five Models of Christian Education, How to Select One, and What It Means for the Future of your School (Bernard Bull)
389 Jennie Williamson | AriSon Records Performs the “GOD IS GREAT!“ FAVORITES!
120 Joyfully Aging is NOT an Oxymoron ! (Richard Bimler)
269 Together in Hymns and Spiritual Songs (Jeffrey Burkart)
388 Truth, Identity, Purpose in Post-Christian America (Brad Alles)


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