Q: What was the 2019 convocation like?
A:  See the Convocation Gallery for photos.

Q: How did participants rate the Convocation experience?
A: 87 percent of survey respondents rated it good to excellent.

Why did you choose Milwaukee?
A: Milwaukee hosted the 1993 and 2013 convocations. They have a good record for service and accessibility.

Q: How close are the hotels and the convention center?
Ninety percent of the hotel rooms are either connected to or across the street from the convention center.

Q: How much will lodging cost?
A: Costs for the seven selected the hotels range from $124.00-- $139.00 per room per night. Taxes are extra at 15.1%.

Q: How soon should I secure my hotel?
We have plenty of rooms, but do not call the hotels directly for your room reservations! First, you have to register for the convocation on the registration site. Once done, you will need to use that same site to reserve your hotel rooms at the conference rates.

Q: When will registration open?
A: Registration is scheduled to open March 1, 2022.

Q: Am I able to register for just a part of the convocation?
No. Registration is all-inclusive. Your registration is good for the entire convocation.

Q: How will you update convocation information?
A: Weekly issues of LEAnews and the convocation website will provide the most comprehensive information. LEA’s Facebook page.

Q: How can I connect with others during the convocation?
A: Watch program announcements for social media opportunities. In the meantime, here are some tips helpful for all conferences.

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