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Group Registration

If you are registering a group, be sure to enter the person who will be the group administrator first.

That person will have access to all of the registrations in the group.

The group administrator should create a permanent login (described in the training video).

The group administrator should complete the registration form and then select "Save" to add additional attendees.  You will find the Add More gray tab at the top of the registration form or click Next Registration in the blue box on the home page. Fill in that attendee's email address and indicate that you want to link the registrations. Then fill out that attendee's registration form. If you do not know all of the sectional selections, you can choose Not Attending, and then edit it later. Click "Save Changes" and complete the registration form for the next attendee. Follow the same pattern for all subsequent attendees. Once the final member of the group has been registered, go "To Payment" at the bottom of the form. You can also use the tabs at the top of the page to go to Payment which will take you to the shopping cart.

Emails regarding payment receipts for group registrations will go to the Group Administrator so long as the first registration record in the group belongs to the group administrator or the first registration record. 

A training video has been created to demonstrate the procedure for group registration and also how to create an account.

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