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Sectional Descriptions

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Monday Sectionals / 1:00 - 2:00
Session Title, Presenter, Description, (Audience)

10 Tips for Teaching with Chromebooks - John Sowash

Are you taking full advantage of the Chromebooks in your Classroom? This session will introduce you to 10 awesome things that you can do with any Chromebook. These ideas will help you create challenging and fun activities and learning experiences for your students. (Elementary, Middle, High School)

Childhood Trauma: Tool & Resources for Educators - Catie Berg

In this session, presenters will dive into the adverse effects of trauma on the young child. Attendees will leave the session with ideas for helping trauma-affected children learn self-regulation tools, as well as a list of trauma resources for educators.  (Early Childhood)

Developing Future Church Workers - Rev. Dr. Ryan Peterson

We are continuing to see a decline in the numbers of professional church workers. How do we encourage, support, and work together to address this need? We will discuss and share ideas that can help in raising up the next generation of leaders in our Lutheran congregations/schools.

Keeping Your Sanity During the School Year - Dr. Mark Nimtz

Teaching is a tough profession, and sometimes we make it even tougher on ourselves. Our natural bent is toward negative automatic thoughts and distortions. Learn ways to untwist these thoughts and challenge them with rational biblical responses. Set yourself on a path to positive thinking and mental well-being. (All Ages)

Many Hats of Leadership - Annette Anschutz

The NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct provides guidance for early childhood administrators whose day-to-day responsibilities require informed and ethical responses to matters dealing with and affecting children, families, staff, community, and stakeholders. (Early Childhood)

Matthew 18 is NOT Theology for Discipline, This is! - Kevin Brockberg

Transgression punished never resolves; in God’s design only a gracious Savior returns humans into fellowship with Him. Restorative Justice pitches questions to prompt offenders to redress wrongs, pursue just behavior and return fully restored in the fellowship of school community. Interact about school discipline: Gospel-aligned and mercy-driven. (Elementary, Middle, High School)

Play Curriculum with Loose Parts: Teri Hogg and Elizabeth Christian

Children are experts at tinkering in their construction of knowledge. Making classroom materials available that support children’s learning is central to the role of the early childhood educator. Join us as we explore intentional practices with loose parts that invite wonder, curiosity, exploration, and discovery. In this active presentation, we will explore creating invitations and provocations to support play schema learning. Much of our focus will be on the Loose Parts Start-up Guide. (Early Childhood)

Roots for Mathematical Understanding - Ryan Flessner

Teachers often note that students can accurately compute; however, students' understandings of mathematics don't seem to match their computational accuracy. This session will delve into ways to move beyond correct answers, to explore the mathematical justifications children must know and understand in order to thrive in our ever-evolving world. (Elementary, Middle School)

Rotation Day - Barb Christian

Take a day or two each month to highlight individual teacher talents as students rotate through special classes. Learn how our preschool uses our "Rotation Days" to share the talents of each teacher, giving our children an opportunity to participate in additional enrichment. We also benefit from each teacher and student knowing one another better. (Early Childhood)

Run the Race / SEL Program for 6-12th Grade Students - Brenda Jank

Do your students capitalize on simple practices that refuel and recharge? Teach them how, lead the way, and do it together. Navigating seasons of crisis and comeback requires the ability to cultivate connection, reduce cortisol, and explore God’s plan for work and rest. Help teens combat anxiety and depression and position them to thrive.

School Safety Best Practices: The Research - Julian Petzoldt

Student safety is important for all schools. Best practices vary for each school based upon many factors. Learn what research says about common practices in school safety. Common practices may not actually be best practices. All school safety issues will be addressed, and the presenter will discuss his research regarding arming staff members. (All Ages)

Self Care and Supporting Students Emotionally - Kristi Upole

We have all experienced unprecedented, unpredictable, and unexpected circumstances which has required us to strengthen our emotional coping skills. As educators, we can set the tone for our students by demonstrating resilience, managing anxiety, and caring for our emotional well-being, equipped to support our students’ social emotional needs. (Elementary)

The Secret Struggle.. The Mental Health of Teens - Clinton Faupel

Over the past 5 years, RemedyLIVE has had the privilege, in partnership with The Lutheran Foundation, to serve over 100 public and private schools with the Get Schooled Tour Program, a live interactive polling experience. During this session attendees will learn how students struggle in secret and what we can all do as educators to help. (Middle, High School)

Visual Memory Work: Read, Mark, and Learn - Valerie Matyas

We want our students to read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest scripture. Often, Memory Work becomes shallow grazing instead of rich digesting. Learn how doodles, sketches, and color allow students an opportunity to shift Memory Work from short-term to long-term memory via right brain/left brain synapses. Hands on session, all supplies provided. (Elementary, Middle, High School)

Why I Don't Make Paper Plate Lambs Anymore - Amy Helmkamp

How to leave the predetermined themes behind and spend more time engaging your students in active learning. (Early Childhood)

Monday Sectionals / 2:30 - 3:30
Session Title, Presenter, Description, (Audience)

5 Keys to Communicating in Difficult Situations - Dr. Mark Nimtz

Learn how to respond to criticism and navigate difficult conversation in a healthy and productive manner by implementing simple techniques including disarming, listening, empathizing, and self-expression. (All Ages)

A Few of My Favorite Things - Annette Anschutlz

Enjoy a potpourri of ideas for parent involvement, classroom activities, and teacher resources. Bring ideas of your own to swap with other participants, too!  (Early Childhood)

Celebrating Creativity and the Creator - Bonnie Stottlemyer

People, created in God's image, have potential to be creative for learning, for building relationships, and for enjoyment! Explore ideas for providing creative experiences for preschoolers in art and other areas. Gather specific ideas plus information to make plans for new ways to help children's creativity thrive.

Creating a Polyvagel Trauma Informed Classroom - Dr. Laura Oyer

One of the biggest challenges educators face today is emotional/behavioral issues in the classroom, triggered by the autonomic nervous system. This presentation will help educators understand the 3 main states of the autonomic nervous, how stress/trauma impact the nervous system, and learn ways to self-regulate and co-regulate others.   (All Ages)

Energy Management, Not Time Management - Ryan Peterson

Many of us, especially as we serve in ministry, are interested in time management. We use planners, smart phones with calendars, and Microsoft Outlook to help us manage our time better. But have you ever considered energy management instead? This session will give you practical tools for proper energy management, thus helping you to be a better educator/leader. (All Ages)

Faith, Family and Friends in Preschool - Tera Lewandowsk

Why is it important to integrate faith, family and friendship in preschool? How can you help families teach their children about God? Come listen to ways to incorporate all of these aspects into your early childhood program. Be prepared to share what you do in your classroom as well!

Modern Genetics in a Biblical World - Doug Guenther

How does cloning, Genetically Modified Organisms, Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology fit in a faith based curriculum. Since the Bible doesn't use these terms, how do we best seek God's direction as we navigate these scientific breakthroughs. (Middle School / High School)

Reducing the Stigma of the No-Casserole Illness - Dennis Goff

When someone in our church or school face a physical illness, we may bring a casserole to cheer them up and help them out. But what about when someone is living with a mental illness? It’s been said that mental health issues are the ‘no-casserole illness.’ One of the reasons for this is often the stigma associated with mental illness.

Rocks, Sticks, & Mud: Creating an Outdoor Classroom - Windy Carroll

In this session, participants will learn about the importance of meaningful outdoor play in all weather, and how to create an outdoor play space to facilitate outdoor play, no matter your setting. Participants will leave the session with ideas, a materials list, and tips for creating an outdoor space anywhere and on any budget. (Early Childhood)

Shutting the Door: Stories of Spiritual Care - Ben Vogel

The attitude behind our public witness flows from a private relationship with Jesus. Beginning with Jesus' words in Matthew 6:6, we will ask, "What might this look like for me?" To assist, a pastor, his wife (a full-time teacher), and a few friends will share how they've sought to "shut the door" amidst the challenges of ministry and family life.  (All Ages)

The Secret Struggle… The Mental Health of Teens - Clinton Faupel

Over the past 5 years, RemedyLIVE has had the privilege, in partnership with The Lutheran Foundation, to serve over 100 public and private schools with the Get Schooled Tour Program, a live interactive polling experience. During this session attendees will learn how students struggle in secret and what we can all do as educators to help. (Middle, High School)

What Teachers Need to Know About IEPs - Jenny Brockberg

This workshop will be an overview of what an IEP (Services Plan) is and the role that a general classroom teacher holds. What does a teacher have to do before, during, and after an IEP is written?

What’s New with Google 2021 - John Sowash

Keeping up with constant updates and changes in the world of educational technology is challenging. This workshop is your shortcut to success! Get a rapid fire summary of the latest updates for popular products like Google Classroom, Drive, Forms, Earth, Chromebooks and more. (All Ages)

Wings for Mathematical Understanding - Ryan Flessner

When students struggle, we often jump into fix-it mode. This session will ask participants to look for students' strengths in order to leverage those strengths to address students' needs. A variety of activities will engage participants in truly seeing the strength in all children as we work to ensure they experience success in our classrooms. (Elementary, Middle School)

Monday Sectionals / 4:00 - 5:00
Session Title, Presenter, Description, (Audience)

Building a Robust Student Travel Program - Jeanette Weilnau

Student travel has many proven benefits, from increased confidence, academic performance, and cultural awareness to real-life opportunities to engage with, learn about, and witness to the world. Come hear how Valley Lutheran has created a travel program that provides ample opportunities for life-changing travel (both domestic and international). (High School)

Creating an Engaging ELA Unit from Scratch - Faith Wiechers

Walk step by step with me to learn how to create mastery based ELA units from scratch. Learn how to get your students excited and moving in their journey to master the standards. (Elementary, Middle School)

Curriculum Conversations: A Cycle for Success - Julie Dietrich

Creating and protecting time for meaningful faculty curriculum conversation is just the first step toward understanding how your teachers' collective efforts can positively impact student learning. Don't wait for your accreditation year to begin conversations about curriculum and instruction. Learn about an ongoing cycle built for success! (Elementary, Middle, High School)

EC Directors Round Table - Bonnie Stottlemyer / Laurie Schneider

Join with your fellow directors from across a variety of early childhood centers to discuss challenges, joy, opportunities, and power practices to support our teachers, families, and students as we lead our centers in excellence. (Early Childhood Directors)

Hidden Lessons in STEM Education - Jennifer Probst

STEM classes are hands on and a lot of fun for the learner. I have discovered there are deeper lessons beyond the activities provided for participants. Please join me as I share what STEM students have taught me and how it has molded how I teach STEM education. (Early Childhood, Elementary)

How to Become an Agent of Change in the Classroom - Keith Haney

In this session we explore the definitions of culture and diversity. We will look at whether our systems are systemically racists or are there some other issues at play. We will explore our blind spots and talk about practical ways to put into place a support system to raise cultural awareness. (All Ages)

Junior Achievement: Soft Skills 101 - Jenee' Johnson

In todays world students are worried about the types of classes that they will take. They are concerned with making sure to have the right combination items to be considered well rounded. They are also relying on technology. It is becoming more important to teach them about soft skills. In this session we will take a look at soft skills and how to open the dialog with students about them. (Middle School / High School)

Keeping Math Accessible in a Pandemic and Beyond - Barbara Doyle

Presenting the experiences of a high school math teacher who changed up everything to keep students engaged in learning despite the chaos of life. See how videos can replace traditional homework, allowing classroom time to be used for feedback and effective skills practice. Encounter strategies, resources, and honest reflections on implementation. (Middle School / High School)

Managing Mental Wellness in the Classroom - Heather Miller

Mental wellbeing directly impacts both student and adult behaviors. Learn how stress impedes the ability of the brain to receive new knowledge, then unpack strategies to help reverse the negative effects of trauma. Emotional regulation is an important part of learning. The tools you need to practice may not be as complicated as you think. (Elementary, Middle, High School)

Multi-Sensory Instruction / Reaching All Learners - Wendy Nimtz

Multisensory Instruction connects with your students learning styles. This increases connections in the brain leading to improved cognition and memory. When instruction is multisensory it allows for a larger part of the brain to be used which leads to better memory and more connections between new knowledge and prior knowledge. (Elementary, Middle School)

Power Tools for Learning - Rebecca Sugden

Do you remember anything you learned in middle school? Why do you remember it? Based off the book "Powerful Teaching: Unleash the Science of Learning" by Agarwal and Bain, we'll discuss and even utilize power tools to implement into your classroom that harness retrieval skills, spacing,interleaving, and feedback-driven metacognition. (Middle School, High School)

Teaching the Holocaust When Time is Limited - Dr. David Lindquist

Teaching a complex topic like the Holocaust presents unique challenges and doing so when the time that can be devoted to the topic is limited adds to those challenges. This session will present the film "The Path to Nazi Genocide," this providing teachers with an effective appropriate way to present the Shoah to their students when time is limited. (Middle School, High School)

Upgrade Your Teaching with Google Classroom - John Sowash

Google Classroom isn’t just a place to post homework, it can help improve your ability

to connect with your students, respond to their needs, and challenge them with personalized assignments. This session will help you get started with Google Classroom and demonstrate how it can help you reach all of your students. (Elementary, Middle, High School)

Visual Faith Tools / Connecting to God's Word - Jessica Meier

What if you could add more visual, kinesthetic, and tactile ways to connect your students to God's Word? We want our students to walk away from our classrooms with a deeper understanding of Christ's for them and a tangible faith legacy. Come to learn about different prayer tools that can be easily adapted for any classroom or youth setting. (Early Childhood / Elementary)

Work Those Muscles - Joann Olsen

Are you seeing a decline in Fine Motor skills in your students? Come find some fun practical ways to improve fine motor skills in your Preschool students. (Early Childhood)

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