How to Register Multiple Faculty

If multiple registrants will be attending from your school you have several options.

Option One: Linking the Registrations Together

The administrator should register first and then enter their other faculty members. After completing their own registration, they should return to the initial page. Under the heading New Registrations and Other Actions, click "New Registration." Then enter the next attendee's email address, and where it asks whether you want to link the registrations, select "Yes." You will then be able to enter that attendee's information.

Repeat that process until everyone has been entered. After the final registration, select a payment method. If you pay by check, you will be asked to print the final page and send it with your check made payable to Lutheran Education Association to Lutheran Education Association, Attn: 2018 NID, 7400 Augusta, River Forest, IL, 60305.

If you pay by credit card, you will enter your credit card information and submit it. Be sure to enter the billing address for that credit card. The system will tell you if the payment was accepted.

Option Two: Entering Registrations Separately

Everyone from one school may also enter their own registrations. Some schools have everyone do this at one session, and they enter the school's credit card information at the end of each registration. Alternatively, faculty members can register individually at their convenience and choose the "Mail a Payment" option. Once everyone has registered, the administrator can forward a list of all of the registrants to LEA along with a check or credit card information. If using a credit card, be sure to fax, mail, or phone it in rather than emailing it. We will need the credit card number, the expiration date, the amount you are authorizing us to charge, the signer's name, and the billing address connected to the card. When the payment is received, it will be posted and a receipt will be forwarded to the administrator's email address.

If you have any questions, please contact LEA at 708.209.3343 or by email at

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