Q: Is Thirst Quencher--the NID teachers conference, really happening at Concordia University Chicago?
A: Yes--and what a great location for quenching your thirst for professional growth!

Q: How do I get to Concordia University Chicago?
A: Aim your sextant to point to 41.8997 degrees N, 87.8095 degrees W.

Q: What if my sextant isn't extant? (And don't suggest that I use my car's nav system.)
A: Then go here for directions

Q: Once I'm at Concordia, where should I park?
A: Park in the parking structure/garage on Bonnie Brae, near the northeast corner of campus (Division & Bonnie Brae).

Q: What if I don't want to?
A: Park anywhere if you want to support the judicial structure of River Forest, Ill.

Q: Is it easy to get lost or confused on campus?
A:  Normally, no. Good signage helps you get around, but just in case... here is a campus map.

Q: Any howevers?
A: If you get so lost that you find yourself outside of LEA's subterranean suite, just tap your toe on the crawl-by LEA window. If you manage to get inside the Kohn basement, tap on the door. Together we'll figure how to get out.

Q: Is there a printable list of sectional titles and descriptions?
A: Yes

Q: Who is Phil Vischer?
A: Glad you asked. He will punctuate the conference with his keynote address.

Q: ! ? " " , .?
A: ! Learn more about Phil Vischer here. His keynote title is  "Dreams," but you'll want to be wide awake for this one.

Q: Who will lead worship?
A: The Holy Spirit.

Q: Okay, okay... you know what I mean.
A: We are pleased to have Concordia's president, Daniel Gard, as preacher and campus pastor, Jeffrey Leininger, as worship leader. (BTW... The Holy Spirit will be at the conference all day, even showing up at every session! That's the power underlying and overlaying Lutheran Christian education.)

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