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One of these things has NOT been done with EventCORE...
can you figure out which it is?

  • Allow people to register without creating a login (i.e. email only).
  • Handle multiple different hotels for people to choose from while registering.
  • Allow for room blocks to be set up to prevent overbooking.
  • Have multiple questionnaires associated with a registration.
  • Send out a bulk email to all attendees or just those who haven't paid.
  • Be password protected to protect from undesired viewing.
  • Provide a built in childcare module to collect kids info.
  • Handle group registrations so multiple people can be pay at once.
  • Successfully coordinate the next NASA Mission to Mars by the end of 2025.
  • Manage roommate selection with a "roommate finder" feature.
  • Let people use Facebook, Google, Relay, LinkedIn to login.
  • Create a basic conference that started taking registrations in less than 5 minutes.
  • Pay only for the support you use and server space you rent.
  • Use a travel module to collect arrival times, flights, etc.
  • Offer advance planning to collect passport and visa requirements.
  • Collect emergency contact info by activating a simple module.
  • Add new features on very short notice (sometimes just minutes)
  • Offer a robust, responsive technical support system.
  • Use a "shopping cart" approach that allows charges to be seamlessly added.
  • Allow customized headings and home page info items.
  • Collect event payment in Euros, Pounds, Yen or Pesos

If you guessed we've not been involved in with a NASA Mission to Mars, you were right.
If you guessed one of the others, you underestimated how powerful EventCORE is.

If you want to explore a little further, we recommend reading General Overview from our Help Center.