Our Policies

Your call... quick and easy or technical and detailed

The Quick Answer

  • We respect your privacy. Your attendees are yours and we will not do anything with their information unless asked.
  • There is no per-attendee charge. You only pay for the services you use which are minimal.
  • You can customize many aspects of how your event is displayed
  • This underlying program is constantly being upgraded, we welcome your input and suggestions
  • We do everything we can to protect data from intruders and loss, but if something bad does happen, we will do our best to help recovery lost data, but ultimately we cannot be held liable for any damages
  • For help we have a) An extensive Help Center with over 600 topics; b) Training Videos; c) A Free Forum to get answers from other users; and d) Paid Support Options
  • In order to keep prices low, we may not be able to offer all of the fancy features of other companies that charge a higher per attendee price. We recognize we are the "economy" option. So you may have to be willing to live with a few glitches and work arounds. We will fix errors but some fancy-feature enhancements may take time.
  • We offer solutions that cater to the event needs of the Christian community. Our templates reflect that.
  • Use of this software implies that you agree with the Statement of Faith.
  • We use industry standard security protocols (SSL, PCI, etc.)


The Technical Answers

You can also view our complete Privacy Policy

Or view our Terms of Service for more detailed reading.

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