EventCORE is an event Management and Registration tool developed by the Global Leadership office of Cru for the purpose recording attendee information
and providing a means of payment for various events and meetings. Cru is a non-profit organization based in Orlando Florida.
EventCORE services other ministries and organization as a intra-ministry courtesy.

Integrated Resources and the related Website(s) (intre.org, chloedog.org and essentials24.org) are wholly owned by Cru and as such all financial transactions
fall underneath the guidelines of the parent organization.

A modular event registration site that you can use to register people for your event.

Our Mission
To provide a user friendly experience for people to register for an event and for the organizers to have easy and quick access to attendee information.

Our Vision
To get up and running in a few minutes.

Our Values
Ease of access, user-friendly, fast, inexpensive - with the ministry market as our target

Year Established
Integrated Resources - 1990
EventCORE Registration Tool - 2004

International Presence
We have had attendees from over 75 countries use EventCORE

International Headquarters
Orlando, Florida USA

Operational Offices
Bloomington Indiana

501(c)(3) Certification
Charter member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability
Last Updated: September 29, 2013

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