Dorm and Attire Information

The Earl R. Jefferson Sr., Christian Education Congress is proud to announce that our dorm facility for the 2022 Christian Education Congress is the DSU Living and Learning Commons, formerly the Dover Sheraton Hotel. All rooms are double occupancy and air-conditioned. However, they are dorms!! The plan for transportation to the DSU campus for Congress attendees will be provided as we get closer to Congress! 
Dorm residents must bring the following items:
Pillow cases

Congress Attire: 
• Business Casual Attire
Slacks, Walking Shorts, T-Shirts, Polo Shirts, Skirts, Blouses
Instrumentalists & Soloists: 
• Bring your instrument, along with any sheet music (for solo pieces), music stands, etc., you would need to play during Congress 
• An eagerness to grow in Christ! 

Non-Acceptable Attire 
• Tank/Midriff tops 
• Mini-skirts 
• Spandex clothing 
• “Do-Rags” or hats are not to be worn in any campus buildings 
• Pants worn on or below the hips 
• Sleeveless shirts
• Shorts above mid-thigh
• Tops revealing any part of the chest please 

Please keep in mind the other items to bring:
• Your Bible & notebook 
• A desire to Study, learn and grow
• A cooperative Christian attitude 
Do Not Bring…
• Recreational electronics 
• Perishable food items (if staying on campus)
• Smoking is not allowed at any time or in any location of the congress. 
If there are any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact or (215) 662-0506.
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