Cancellation/Refund Policy

All registration fees for the Cambridge site will be fully refunded if the event is officially cancelled for any reason. A full refund is also available if a participant has a personal or immediate family medical emergency (including a diagnosis of COVID or required quarantine due to exposure).  

Please note that the hotel, airlines, and others may have different cancellation and refund policies, which is the responsibility of each participant. 

Conference registration fees are refundable (less a £10 administrative processing fee) for cancellations confirmed 91+ days before the event (on or before June 14, 2022). A 50% refund (less a £10 administrative processing fee) will be provided for cancellations 31+ days before the event (on or before August 15, 2022). Unless otherwise stated, there can be no refunds 30 days or less prior to the date of the event.

Registration may be transferred between participants at no cost up to 7 days before the event. If the registration types are not equivalent, the difference will need to be paid. 

We reserve the right, at the sole discretion of the event team, to cancel and refund the registration fees of any participant deemed a risk to the health and safety of others. 

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