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Exhibitor Information

A staple of the Fellowship National Gatherings is our exhibit hall where pastors and church leaders can learn about ministries, seminaries, and mission organizations! 

The Exhibit Hall will be open from the very beginning of the gathering October 20, 2-4 PM and at various other times throughout the conference. We recommend setting up starting at noon on April 28th: earlier setup times can be arranged with conference coordinator if necessary.

Exhibitors need only pay $400 display fee which covers both the display fee and registration, entitling exhibitor to full conference privileges including meals. When registering, please select "Other" registration type and email our conference coordinator, Julie McGowen ( for the passphrase. Once passphrase is entered, you may select Exhibitor under "Registration Options".

Exhibitors may ship supplies to the venue in advance, preferably after October 1st. Please ship to: 

Care of Leslie Cenezy for TFC National Gathering
Blacknall Memorial Presbyterian Church
1902 Perry St.
Durham, NC 27705

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