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Women Workshop Descriptions

Friday, January 17, 2020
4:00-5:30 pm

Difference Making Workshops
Professional/Ministry Development Workshops

F1: Called; To Make a Difference
(For Ordained Women Clergy)

When were you called? What were your struggles? What did you have to sacrifice? For what purpose did God call you? Do you feel you are making a difference? How do you handle being different? How do you keep making a difference? These are but a few of the issues, questions that will be addressed by a panel of our seasoned women ministers who have been called by God to make a difference.

F2: Missionary: Got to be Different to Make a Difference

Often when we have been a part of the Women’s Missionary Society (WMS), we tend to forget that we need to have an experience that will awaken us to a new personal reality. Longevity in the WMS sometimes causes us to become unaware of our need to change, to be different. Many of us need an “Isaiah in the Temple experience” where we see ourselves as God does and we respond with the words, “I am unclean. I need to be changed. I need to be different so I can make a difference”. This workshop is for those missionaries who are honest and will admit that in order to make a difference you must be different.

F3: A Different Kind of Praying: Intercessory Prayer

God has given us the privilege of praying for our wants and desires. However, God also expects us to pray for one another. There is a different approach to this kind of praying. One has to decrease in order to increase their desire to see others be blessed. Intercessory prayer shifts the atmosphere and can change the reality of others. In a world that is so different, our prayer lives

F4: Hoarding: How the "Less is More" Concept Makes a Difference

If there were a contest, would you win for the oldest and largest stack of bulletins/programs/magazines from church conferences or the highest number of conference bags? Have you also hoarded as much church hurt or guilt from failed relationships? Are you holding on to physical issues as well as matter of the heart that need to be released? Unwittingly, we become stuck and can't seem to move out of a particular holding pattern because of this hoarding. This session will explore hoarding and clutter from not only the visible and tangled mess(es) in our environment but also the muddled chaos that stems from within.

F5: Called to Make a Difference in a Different United (Divided) States

These are different times in our country. The political atmosphere is polluted with overt racism, xenophobia, white nationalism, sexism and seeks to unilaterally degrade anyone who is not of the “majority” culture. Jesus was a radical revolutionary, who did not ignore the conditions of His time. His calling was to create a different world. As Christians, as women of faith, we are called to do the same. This workshop will help us to take a serious look at the issues confronting us in these United (Divided) States and provide some practical ways for us to be more civically and socially engaged. This is a critical workshop for all women who desire to be involved at a level beyond their local church.

F6: Real Love Makes the Difference (Young Adults Only)

This workshop will address how to maintain healthy relationships in the 21st Century by recognizing the elements of respect, compromise, support, character discernment and more. Early warning signs of a toxic relationship which is not in God’s design for us, will be addressed.

Saturday, January 18, 2020
9:30-11:00 am and 11:30 -1:00 pm

Difference Making Workshops - PARTS I AND II

PART I: 9:30-11:00 am - WORKSHOPS S1-S6

Choose One (Note: S7A is offered at this time for YAMS only)

PART II: 11:30 am-1:00 pm - REPEAT OF WORKSHOPS S1-S6

Choose One (Note: S7B is offered at this time for YAMS only)

S1: Preaching to a Different World

Preaching in the 21st century if unequivocally different from past generations. This is a different time, a different people and there is a different level of expectation in the preaching moment. How do we preach  message in which we are true to the gospel tenets of preaching and yet serve and reach this present age? This workshop will be taught by one who has been preaching for forty years and has experienced the various shifts in the preaching ministry. Best practices and effective strategies for preaching in the 21st century will be shared during this workshop.

S2: Caregivers: The Unsung SHERO Called to Make a Difference

Being a caregiver is an arduous task and the person providing the care can sometimes neglect their own health and wellness in the process. This workshop will discuss the role of a caregiver, the importance of soliciting help from professionals, agencies, or other family members, and the necessity of self-care. The latter is vitally important because no one can serve when his or her vessel is empty.

S3: Grieving our Losses Differently

This workshop explores the journey of grief and loss for individuals who have experienced loss in various ways. Grief and loss is not only experienced in the death of a loved one, but also in the loss of a job, life transitions and the various changes that we experience be it via the aging process or even in the reality of the world in which we live. Grief is a process. This workshop will help participants to recognize the normal reactions to grief and loss and identify the reactions that may require greater interventions. Grieving our losses is natural; however, we must learn different methods for expressing, processing our grief.

S4: A Different Response to Our Changing Realities: Know when to hold them, when to fold them and when to walk away.

Experiences in our lives come for but a season. How many times have we made the mistake of holding on when in fact it was time to move on? When we assume this posyure we cause stagnation in our lives and we miss the next move of God This is especially difficult when we are in a good, comfortable place. This workshop will be taught by one who knew when it was time to walk away. Her response was different but it was necessary in order for her to experience the next move of God in her life. You will learn how to do the same.

S5: Reset, Restore & Rebuild Your Finances While Making a Difference

Have you ever felt like you hit a brick wall containing your financial situation? Are you unsure, frustrated and lack focus towards claiming or reclaiming financial freedom? Do you need to hit the reset button and develop a plan to rebuild your credit and restore your confidence with money management? In this workshop we will identify and discuss how you can reclaim your purpose and recognize how to become a good steward and manager of your God given resources and how to incorporate a budget that reflect God's agenda.

S6: Balancing Church Ministries, Marriage & Family: While Making A Difference

Marriage and Ministry can be exciting, inspiring, and exhausting. When you combine the responsibilities of being married and being committed to church ministries, it seems like the perfect recipe for burnout or breakdown…or both. Maintaining the balance between church ministries and family life IS POSSIBLE and, in this workshop, we will explore ways in which you can succeed at achieving balance.

S7A: The Rest Makes the Difference: Replenish Your Body, Mind & Soul (Young Adults Only)

What prevents you from being healthy? The choices you make daily dramatically impact the way you feel mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. Often, these choices leave us with the inability to adequately serve others and do effective missions ministry. In this workshop you will learn strategies to help cope with factors that negatively impact your health and spiritual well-being.

S7B: Show Me the Money (Young Adults Only)

Money! Money! Money! It is critical as young women to get our financial houses in order! It is important to take pro-active steps now to make the dollars we earn keep working for us. In this workshop, participants will learn tips on creating a personal financial plan, budgeting and building an investment portfolio.

Saturday, January 18, 2020
4:00-5:30 pm

S8: Liturgical Dance Workshop

This workshop is for women of all ages who want to give God praise through dance. It will make a difference in your walk with the Lord as you learn to use movement to demonstrate how much you love Him.

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