Q: What was the 2016 convocation like?
A: See the 2016 Convocation Recap Video

Q: How did participants rate the Convocation experience?
A: 87 percent of survey respondents rated it good to excellent.

Why did you choose St. Louis?
A: They were lonely because the city hasn’t hosted an LEA Convocation since 1987.

Q: Really?
A: Actually, St. Louis was a good choice because of its central location—good for transportation of all types. St. Louis also offered high value for the costs—good for keeping your costs down.

Q: How much will lodging cost?
A: Costs for most of the hotels have been locked in at $139.00 per room per night.

Q: When will registration open?
A: Registration is scheduled to open in March of 2019.

Q: How will you update convocation information?
A: Weekly issues of LEAnews and the convocation website will provide the most comprehensive information. LEA’s Facebook page and Twitter #2019 will offer abbreviated versions.

Q: How can I connect with others during the convocation?
A: Watch program announcements for social media opportunities. In the meantime, here are some tips helpful for all conferences.

Q: How close are the hotels and the America's Center convention center?

A: See for yourself.

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