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Workshop Descriptions

Dan Baumgartner has been senior pastor of Hollywood Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles, CA since 2010, following 11 years at Bethany Presbyterian in his hometown of Seattle, WA. He had a ten-year business career after graduating with a business degree from the University of Washington in Seattle, then earned an MDiv at Princeton Seminary in 1996. Eugene Peterson was a longtime friend and mentor. Dan is a voracious reader and occasional writer who also loves running, biking, hiking and most things sport-related. He and Anne have three grown children.

“The Legacy of Eugene Peterson” – Eugene Peterson, who died in October 2018, was a pastor, writer, and professor. His impact on pastors and the church in America is hard to quantify beyond saying he was hugely influential for an entire generation of church leaders. And certainly his bible translation The Message has helped millions get a fresh reading of scripture. His was often a prophetic voice, calling the church to move beyond marketing, glitzy programming, worship as entertainment or pastors as celebrities. Somehow, he accomplished all this while never pastoring a large or even medium size church, being fairly reserved and unambitious. Through stories of his life and ministry, readings from his books and a few video clips, the workshop will reflect on possible implications of his legacy for the church in 2019.

Rev. Raymond Garcia, is the founder and Executive Director of The Philadelphia Project. As Senior Pastor at Roxborough Church, he is married to Michelle, they have four children: Isaiah, Nathan, Cadence, and Thomas. Together they serve as visionaries for both TPP and Roxborough Church. Having served as a Youth Director for 15 years prior, in 2010, Raymond and Michelle trusted the leading of the Lord to settle into the city of Philadelphia and launch a new ministry that he had been praying about since 1996. He is a graduate of Palmer Seminary, avid bowler, entrepreneur and a budding local urban missiologist. It is with great passion and a sense of urgency to reach the lost, that he continues to serve in these capacities, advancing the Kingdom, proclaiming the Good News and looking forward to the Day of the Lord (2 Peter 3:12).

Multiethnic Ministry: Leading in, Through and Beyond the Difficulties

Every church PIF, website or advocate points to their church’s desire to be more ethnically, racially and socio-economically diverse however most of our churches have fallen short of reflecting the diversity of our own communities, let alone achieving the lofty goals of glimpsing the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. This workshop will address the pitfalls that we often get tripped up in, identify tools that help us to equip our leadership, and speak directly to the difficulties that we walk through when we intentionally choose to bare witness to the coming Kingdom of God, in our local churches today.

Beyond Crisis to the Long Game Jim Goodloe

The Rev. Dr. James C. Goodloe IV, is the Executive Director of The Foundation for Reformed Theology, based in Richmond, Virginia. The Foundation was started by The Rev. Dr. John Leith - a mentor, pastor, and friend to many pastors in the PCUSA. Dr. Goodloe is a graduate of Davidson College, Union Theological Seminary in Virginia (DMin), and the University of Chicago (PhD). He also pastored three churches, for twenty-three years, before taking up the Executive Directorship of the Foundation for Reformed Theology.

Description: Fellowship Community members want to live out a biblical, orthodox, evangelical Faith, and we want to do that in a denomination with which we sometimes disagree. And so, the questions for us are: What are we to do now? What are we to believe? How are we to obey? Dr. John H. Leith (1919–2002), professor of historical theology at Union Theological Seminary in Virginia, analyzed the situation well in Crisis in the Church: The Plight of Theological Education. Perhaps he, along with Saint Benedict, Martin Luther, Alastair McIntyre, and Rod Dreher can help point us toward the shape and content of the long service ahead of us.

Rev. Susan Finck

Rev. Finck serves as the pastor of El Calvario Presbyterian Church in Waco, Texas. A graduate of Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, she has served small Presbyterian Churches since 1988. Susan enjoys teaching and mentoring in multiple venues for PRMI (Presbyterian Reformed Ministries International), including Youth/Young Adult ministry, Growing the Church retreats, and a years-long partnership with Young Life America Central Region.

"Growing the Church in the Power of the Holy Spirit"

Much is written about listening prayer and the Holy Spirit's guidance for individuals. But how can we truly cooperate with the Holy Spirit as a session or ministry leadership team? How can we truly embrace God's sovereign leadership of our local church in various specific expressions, thus "keeping in step" with the Spirit? Working with the analogy of partners in ballroom dancing, each participant will discover: The foundations that need to be in place so that churches and individuals can step out onto the 'dance floor'; The dynamic 'dance steps' that need to be learned in order to keep in step with the Holy Spirit; The pitfalls and benefits involved in seeking to operate under the guidance of the Holy Spirit in this way.

Adam Neder is the Bruner-Welch Professor of Theology at Whitworth University. In addition to a number of articles and reviews, he is the author of Participation in Christ: An Entry Into Karl Barth's Church Dogmatics and Theology As a Way of Life: On Teaching and Learning the Christian Faith, which will appear in the fall. Adam teaches a wide range of popular courses and has been voted the most influential professor at Whitworth by four senior classes.

“Theology as a Way of Life: On the Art of Teaching the Christian Faith"

What difference does Jesus Christ make for the way we teach Christianity? If he is truly God and truly human, if he reveals God to us and us to ourselves, how should that shape our approach to teaching the Christian faith? If our goal is for people to know God, and if we are incapable of producing knowledge of God in those whom we teach, where does that leave us? Drawing on the work of Søren Kierkegaard, Karl Barth, and Dietrich Bonhoeffer, this workshop offers a clear and creative theological and spiritual reflection on the art of teaching the Christian faith.

Jon Good serves as one of International Justice Mission’s Church Mobilization Directors, and helps to equip churches by sharing the Biblical call to justice, introducing churches to IJM’s ministry, and mobilizing churches to engage in local and global justice ministries.

An ordained pastor in the Presbyterian Church (USA), Jon received his BA in Sociology from The Colorado College and his M.Div. from Fuller Theological Seminary. Prior to joining IJM, Jon pastored two churches (in Madison, Wisconsin and suburban Minneapolis) for a total of fifteen years, and helped launch a partnership with IJM during one of his pastorates. Jon’s parish ministry was followed by service on staff with World Vision-US and Habitat for Humanity International. Jon has extensive experience in ecumenical and interfaith relations, in leading global short-term service teams, and in preaching and teaching. Based in Minneapolis, Jon is married to Peggy, a hospice chaplain, and is proud father to two young adult daughters. In his spare time he enjoys athletics and volunteers as a fire chaplain in his hometown. 

“Gods Justice in Action: Defending the Worlds Most Vulnerable”

In our journey toward a transformed world reflecting God’s justice and peace, there are far too many who face a constant, tangible, very real threat: everyday violence. This session will examine this hidden plague that is destroying lives and undermining the fight against poverty in the developing world. Together well explore how Gods heart for justice is woven throughout Scripture, serving as compelling motivation for the Church of Jesus Christ to confront head-on the most pervasive and intractable cases of injustice. An overview of the work of International Justice Mission will be provided, and opportunities will be given for church leaders to explore how they might engage in IJMs work through prayer, advocacy, and congregational partnership.

Elizabeth Brookens Sturman
TFC Board member Elizabeth Brookens Sturman is the Founding Pastor and Senior Pastor of Brambleton Presbyterian Church, a highly successful new church in the Washington, DC suburb and mission field of Brambleton, VA.

Elizabeth holds an M.A. in Theology from Gordon-Conwell and an M.Div. from San Francisco Theological Seminary. After a first career as a social worker helping abused and neglected children and incarcerated youth, she served as Director of College Ministries at the First Presbyterian Church of Berkeley, CA, and then as Associate Pastor for Mission and Evangelism at the First Presbyterian Church of Bethlehem, PA, then took her current call in Virginia. She has been a Lausanne delegate and done mission work in many parts of God's world including the Philippines, Argentina, Mexico, France, Holland, Haiti and Tanzania.

Elizabeth loves the outdoors, and recently climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro with her husband John and daughters Ceci and Lucy!

Workshop Description -- #MeToo and the Church

The Church is not immune from the cultural crisis that has come to be known as the #MeToo movement, as women speak up about sexual harassment. How does this issue affect the Church? Can we take the politics out of the issue and think about it together as brothers and sisters in Christ? How can we lead our ministry teams and congregations to be aware, respectful, and faithful without being driven by fear or panic? You won't want to miss this timely, calm, and helpful discussion.

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