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Minute at the Mic

New Sign-ups are Closed. We will contact those who have signed up with instructions on how to proceed.

Overview: We are offering opportunities for exhibitors and attendees to have one-minute to present something to the whole conference. When done at similar events in the past, it has worked well as a way to quickly introduce the entire conference to your ministry, materials or mission.

Process: If you would like to be considered for one of our "minute-at-the-mic" slots to explain your ministry, or call attention to your booth, please use the paragraph on your registration page. We do not need your full one-minute script, just a sentence explaining how you would use your minute. We cannot guarantee a slot to everyone who applies. Requests will be prioritized according to those that the conference team feels best fits our conference purpose and needs.

Guidelines: How you use your one-minute is up to you. Here are some ideas:

  • Show a 50-second video and then introduce yourself at the end for 10 seconds.
  • Talk the entire time with just a background slide up in the background.
  • Prepare a Powerpoint and walk through it for sixty seconds.

No matter what you do, please know that the "minute-at-the-mic" is a MINUTE at the mic. A timer will be running and an alarm will go off at 60-seconds. If you continue to talk, the timer will get louder and you will be forever memorialized as one who went long.

We will also prepare a way for attendees to track who is presenting so that they can easily contact you after your presentation.

Those selected as presenters will be notified by August 15th. Additional information about how to submit presentation materials will be provided at that time.

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