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Finances & Assistance

Financial Assistance
As a volunteer network, ION does not have any resources to provide financial assistance for attendees.  As a matter of fact, we ask presenters, speakers and administrative personnel to pay their own way to the conference.  If your attendance at this event is dependent upon financial assistance, we encourage you to look over the material on this site and prepare a sponsorship letter with relevance and appropriate details that you can send to people whom you know personally that may be interested in assisting you in your ministry. 

Letter of Invitation/Recommendation
If a letter of recommendation or an invitation is needed (e.g. for a visa or fund raising), our policy is to refer you to your sponsoring organization or to another known contact here in the United States. ION no longer issues letters of recommendation or provides referrals.

If you are associated with an organization that has offices in the United States, please contact that office directly to request your letter of recommendation. If they need additional information about this event, please direct them to this Web site where they can obtain information about costs, dates, locations, policies, etc. If additional information is needed, please Contact Us.

For those with no direct US organizational association, please first think of individuals from within the United States who may be associated with an organization or church who could sponsor you. This may be a relative, friend or acquaintance. An additional step would be to go to other organizations in your country that you know do have US chapters. Ask them to see if their is a way for them to sponsor you. Ultimately, it will be up to you to find your sponsorship. We are glad to answer questions and provide information, but we are unable to actually give letters of recommendation or invitation.

In the event that a visa is not granted or adequate funds raised, our normal cancellation policies will be adjusted and we will issue a full refund of the registration fees provided that we are contacted at least ten days prior to the start of the conference (e.g. September 1, 2018).  After September 5th, normal cancellation fees will apply. You must specifically request a refund.

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