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Why Attend?

"Tell me a fact and I will learn it.  Tell me a truth and I will believe it.  Tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever."  Native American Proverb

We are all oral communicators.  Our Creator God made us in His image, and used oral approaches and methodologies to communicate with us from the beginning.  How can we take His example and utilize oral and creative expression to further the next new wave of missions?

How are we taking the word beyond cultural and physical boundaries?

There are 4 billion people in the world who learn primarily through non-textual means, with a minority of resources attempting to reach them for Christ.  Furthermore, the remaining Unreached People Groups are predominately oral societies.

The Orality: Many Applications - One Mandate event will take a collaborative approach to exploring how we can:

· Become effective among Diaspora communities in North America and around the world

· Understand particular pathways for connecting with oral communities

· Grow churches, evangelism, and discipleship using oral methods

· Use skills in media and the arts in a new wave of missions, in this “generation of the artist” 

· Know orality as personal and not an “other” method of communication

· Give the message in a way that sticks

About Orality

The orality movement is rapidly changing the face of missions. Consider the following:

·  The "Call2All" movement has orality as one of their major program elements

·  The CapeTown 2010 Lausanne Congress had a major focus on orality

·  Popular Christian magazines are doing feature articles on orality

·  Complete ministries have been formed on the basis of Bible Storying and contextualized arts for missions

·  Christian colleges are adding classes and majors tied to orality

·  Lives are being transformed daily through the use of oral strategies

If you desire to grow in your effectiveness in missions and sharing His story, or if you are looking for inspiration in how to take the Gospel beyond where it has gone before, join with us in Orlando for the ION North American Regional Conference.

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