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About the Program

Registration will open at Noon Monday, September 17. 

The conference begins on Monday at 1PM.

The conference finishes on Wednesday evening at 4PM.

The Orality: Many Applications - One Mandate conference is being designed to facilitate discussion and provide maximum opportunities for all in attendance to engage and network with one another, invoking connections that we are sure will enable new collaboration for the purpose of the Kingdom, especially in reaching and discipling oral learners.

We invite all those participating to join discussion and conversations around the following 7 Gateways (Interest Groups) and the variety of 'pathways' to engagement with orality that fall within each area.

We trust that this participatory approach will provide the optimal environment to explore how we can best make Him known through orality, creativity & culture! See the 7 Gateway (Interest Groups) below with the listing of "pathways" next to each.

  • Storying
    • Crafting, Practice of, Training
  • Focused Outreach
    • Church Planting, Youth & Children, Secondary Orality, Minorities & Indigenous Peoples, Women, Diasporas, Students, Family
  • Development (Integral Mission)
    • Community, Medical & Health, Crisis & Relief, Social Action & Justice, Marketplace & Business, Refugees, Trauma Healing, Victims of Disaster
  • Arts & Culture
    • Narrative, Drama, Poetry, Music, Visual, Rituals, Ceremonies, Traditions, Symbols
  • Media
    • Mass, Collective, Micro, Audio/Video Scripture Engagement, Tools & Methods, Publishing
  • Education
    • Theological, Pastoral, Marketplace, Government, Affinities (Women, Emerging, etc.)
  • Research & Innovations
    • Statistics, Metrics, Project Methodologies

    More information on these Areas of Interest is available on the ION Website

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