LEA National Administrators Conference
Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Welcome to the registration site for the 2023 LEA National Administrators Conference (NAC), February 15, at the Crowne Plaza Phoenix Airport Hotel. The conference provides a unique opportunity for school leaders from across the country to gather and focus on how we can be best prepared to face the changing challenges in our communities, our culture, and our government.  This year's NAC is being planned in partnership with our colleagues at the Lutheran Center for Religious Liberty.  We are offering you the opportunity to combine the NAC with participation in the Best Practice in Ministry Conference while staying in the same hotel and paying only once for transportation! 

2023 LEA NAC Registration Fees

Early-bird registration rates through January 23, 2023
                                           LEA member                               $125.00  
                                           Partner in Ministry - same staff   $105.00
                                           Spouse                                        $105.00 
                                           Emeriti                                         $105.00
                                           Non-member                               $265.00

** Non-member rate does NOT include LEA membership. Non-members: You must become a member to register at the lower LEA Member rate.

Please refer to the tabs at the left for additional information about the topics listed.

When you are ready to begin your NAC registration, enter your email in the blue box below.  If you have any questions, contact the LEA office at 708-209-3343 or lea@lea.org.

(If you wish to participate in the Best Practices in Ministry Conference beginning on February 16, please go directly to the BPM web site.) 

We look forward to having you join us in Phoenix!

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