PSD Administrators' Leadership Conference 2022
Wednesday July 20, 2022 - Friday July 22, 2022

Hyatt Regency, Indian Wells, CA

Ready to register?! Cost for this year's event is $210 p/attendee for Partner Schools and $280 p/attendee for schools who have not contributed to School Services to be a partner school. 
*spouse registration also available - see website for details)

The investment of time in this year’s conference will be some of the best $$ spent! We encourage you to invite your leadership TEAM to attend with you – assistant principal(s), admissions directors, pastors, business administrators, etc.

Come experience great camaraderie among other leaders in Lutheran ministry! We are excited to welcome you this July!

Full conference website can be found here

Your planning team…Jake Hollatz, Donna Lucas, Ben Elliott, Xavria Schwarz, Rachel Klitzing

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