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Hosted by Lutheran Education Association

This is your unique opportunity to be exposed to Lutheran educators and others throughout the world during the entire year in a virtual environment.

As schools and other organizations increasing seek relevant resources and conference experiences online, LEAconnects provides a platform for a wide variety of educational items and a base for virtual and hybrid events.  Participants will be driven to your unique sustained "virtual booth" through their conference attendance and throughout the year as they utilize a growing assortment of resources.

See the Information section on the left side of this main site to become acquainted with your exhibit, advertising, and sponsor options.  You may then make your selection by entering your email address below and completing the form.

We look forward to having you join us in our new virtual exhibit environment as you become connected to the world of Lutheran education! 

If you are registering as a Conference Sponsor, please choose "Conference Sponsor" under "Registration Type".  You will then receive a drop down list where you can choose the tier level of sponsorship. Your Conference Sponsorship automatically includes vendor space in our exhibit hall.  

We thank you for your commitment to Lutheran Education!

If you are registering as a Conference Exhibitor please choose "Conference Exhibitor" under "Registration Type".  You will then receive a drop down list where you can choose "Conference Exhibitor"  If you would like up to two additional booth spaces or to purchase banquet tickets or additional breakfast tickets (one comes with your initial registration) please add those items on at the end of the registration process. 

*If you are registering and paying for someone else to attend the conference it is important that when you register you use the primary name and contact of the person who will be attending the conference.

Where indicated, please add the names of additional people who will be in your booth. This is for name tag purposes.

Please note that a $3 processing fee has been added to Conference Exhibitor fees.

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